Segmentation Videos

                                       Sneak Peak into Version 2.2 (coming February) 

  Intema Solutions Inc. presents: 

Konversation / agent Videos 2.2 (February Launch)

Konversation - Permission based Email Marketing

                                                              January 28th, 2015.

Segmentation Videos

Hello everyone, if you are learning how to make Segments in Konversation / agent or Konversation Light Version 7.0, you may find these videos helpful. If you are awaiting the Konversation / agent 2.2 Version launch in Mid Febraury 2015, this will give you a sneak peak as to some of the new features. Scroll to the bottom if you want to know about Personalization Tags & Dynamic content. The majority of the videos will deal with Segementation.


Introduction to Segments

Targeted Sub-lists, groups of your clients, customers or prospects for E-mail Campaigns - 3 min



Detailed Video on Segmentation - 6 min


Segmentation part II

Using Segmentation in Konversation / agent & Konversation Light, Version 7.0


 An example of a Requested Segment- 4min


February Version of Konversation / agent - Persoanlization Tags & Dynamic Content as well as Segementation Overview - 3.5 min

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