Infographics for Why blogging is key in B2B #socialmedia #B2B

Why Should you be Blogging?

Hello guys,

Today we are going to take a visual tour of why blogging is a great way to build your brand, for lead generation and to promote customer interaction and gain a reptuation of expertise in the products or services you offer.


Benefits of Blogging for B2B

  • Credibility - gain a good first impression prospects, potential partners, etc…
  • Add value - include tips, best practice guides, marketing trends, etc…
  • Retweet - promote the community in your field, shareability of your marketing messages, increase the range of your brand, facilitating word of mouth marketing = blogs translate to social media channel-ins
  • Interact - a forum for potential interaction with the public, customers, prospects and partners. Be friendly, approachable and professional.
  • In Real-time - immediately reach a segement of your target audience who are also active on blogs, on twitter, on LinkedIn and who may be listening. Messages are translated through channels within minutes, or hours.
  • Gain Insight - instead of doing market research such as focus groups, your blog and social media can net you valuable feedback and opinions.
  • Become a Thought Leader - Find great topics to write about related to your company’s area of exertise, motto and find out what your compeititon is talking about. Observe which of your blog posts get the most attention, adding to your Business Intelligence.
  • High ROI - Blogging is low maintenance and allows for publishing in a cost-effective manner. Easy way to communicate your marketing messages.
  • SEO - Improve your brand’s results on google and search engines. Key into keywords, increase your firm’s ability to be seen, noticed and for lead generation.
  • Up Traffic - Generate increased traffic to your corporate website, especially if your blog is embedded on your site.

Is Blogging a missing piece of your puzzle? Think about it, would it create value to your brand?

Blogs promote trust, credibilty and traffic! 

Blogs can influence consumer decision making and form an important channel in the Marketer’s tool-kit

Let’s take a little tour: 

With social media expanding each year, traffic to blogs is increasing

Traffic back to your corporate sites increases SEO and generates more monthly click-throughs 

Making a statement usually influences others for the better and it might even impact sales and the bottom line!

Blogs have substance, if they are interested in your brand they will find your blog. 

Boosting Monthly leads and making new connections, fans and reaching more “influencers”, what’s not to like?

10am Monday and Thursday are ideal times, catching up on blogs is part of staying up to date in your field for a lot of us. 

If they like your blog, they will get alerts! 

Thank you to our sources: 

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