Why Use an Email Marketing Software? #Digital Marketing Upgrade


For sophisticated Newsletters, no upgrade of Outlook will ever compare to this option. Find a solid software, usually around $30.00/month for 1000 subscribers. In my opinion, every company no matter how small or big should conduct E-mail Campaigns. The reason being the astounding Return on Investment. Email is still the easiest way to reach people. So let’s be honest here, ROI really is the bottom line.

Digital marketing, Email Campaigns and regular Newsletters on services and products is an excellent way to Market your small business, business or corporate Retail Chain.  It also promotes feedback from actual customers, clients and prospective clients. Getting the best ROI for your marketing and advertising budget is key, that is why Email marketing is considered such a central piece of the puzzle. It allows you to reach out to current and prospective customers and keep them updated on the latest deals and news about your company. Bulk email services have the benefit of being able to test customer retention and loyalty with intensive reporting.

Email marketing services enable you to create specific marketing for each segment of your audience. These services let you spread news about your company and bring in new customers in an efficient and reportable way. Your Newsletters should be tailed by professional copyrighters and customized with images and videos to reach today’s clients who are often checking their Email on Tablet, Mobile phone and wearable technology. Your software should have social media integrated into it and analytics so you can see your open, click and engagement rates.

EMAIL MARKETING SERVICES: What to shop around for - 
Creating an email campaign, Newsletter or promotion is as simple as adding names to a database, customizing an easy-to-use template, and looking at how effective your emails are via simple pie charts and bar graphs and exportable reports. Look for services that offer intuitive tools to help you quickly upload your list of contacts. You’ll also want the flexibility to adjust the designs on your email marketing messages so that they reflect your company’s brand. You will want technical support that is helpful and easy to reach!

Contact Management
It’s important that you choose a service that is easy to use. The appearance and simplicity of the dashboard are going to determine how often you access the program to create campaigns. Is it attractive? Is the Interface intuitive? Can it import your contact lists? Can you segement your lists with demographical, behavioral data or even engagement analytics and levels of permission (consent)?

Email Creation
Before choosing a service, you’ll want to make sure you can upload images, type your text, manipulate how your text displays, and add links and a social media share bar, among several other features. Ideally, you’ll want to be able to create links to PDFs embedded in the message itself and not seen as an attachment (this is a more secure and professional standard).  An effective email marketing company offers the professional features you need to create customer promotions, newsletters and the ability to embed video content as HTML.

Many email marketing solutions offer the flexibility to work either in a design format or directly with HTML. Does it have templates? Can you create your own templates? Can you customize the sidebar? Ease of use, flexibility and range of analytics are important considerations.

Sending & Reporting Features
Email marketing services provide reports, graphs and statistics that show you how your email campaign is doing. These analytics enable you to easily  see how many customers open your emails and even which links they click on. You can see how many people unsubscribe or temporary bounce (full inbox). Careful analysis of analytics and the ability to export them will be important to any marketing team doing its job.

Some email services work with Google Analytics to give you even more data you can use to increase the success of your campaign. Most email marketing services help you maintain your list of contacts by automatically deleting email addresses that bounce.

Help & Support
A first-grade email marketing service provides help options to get you started, including a user manual, easy to reach Technical Support and perhaps a portal with FAQs, a blog, tutorials and articles that explain how to create effective campaigns. Is the support friendly and accessible, do they go beyond the call of duty to help you?


1. Konversation - Visit site

2. Mail-Chimp - Visit site

3. iContact - Visit Site

4. BenchMark Email Visit Site

5. Pinpointe

6. GetResponse

7. Constant Contact - Visit Site

8. Vertical Response

9. Mailgen

10. GraphicMail - Visit Site

11. Campaigner

12. Mad Mimi - Visit Site

13. Aweber - Visit Site

14. Campaign Monitor - Visit Site

15. Email Brain - Visit site

16. Send in Blue - Visit Site

17. Auro-IN - Visit Site

18. e-Goi - Visit Site

19. Elastic Email - Visit Site

20. Wired Marketing - Visit Site

21. Bronto Software - Visit Site

22. Red Cappi Visit Site

23. Zoho Campaigns - Visit Site

24. Stream Send - Visit Site

25. Inbox Marketer - Visit Site

Mail Chimp

  • Everyone I know really enjoys the blogs Mail Chimp produces, some of the best in the industry for sure.
  • People like that it is FREE
  • Mail Chimp’s Sign-up form has been critisized for being not too good in its HTML

Integrating Predictive Analytics 

With recent advances in machine learning it’s now possible to integrate predictive anlyatics into your Digital Marketing and E-mail Campaign Activities.

Read more here

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