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Email Campaign Guide for AppleWatch Users

If you have gotten or plan to get the Applewatch sport, welcome to the frontier of expensive gadgets and the frontline of wearable devices. You’ll receive messages like this. Or view the video below:

Let’s now just assume the almost inevitable, that Apple Watch takes over and drives new wearable devices:

Perhaps getting us less addicted to our phones:

So what’s the catch for us Email buffs? How do our Emails apppear? Well, they appear as short text message, for easy filtering of content and totally streamlined.

  • Get used to resonding to Emails with voice 
  • Easy to meet up with friends with sharing location
  • Social emoticons and emoji for being on the go

For some of the built-in apps check here.

Email Campaigns for Smartwatchs 

  • Leverage the power of short notifications
  • Messages must be minimalistic notifications to promote interactions with audience
  • Marketers must use short bite-sized emails with slogans and offers that do not seem invasive
  • Think headlines and summaries
  • Embrace subject line, it will be more key than ever.
  • A 42mm screen, the subject line or headline will be the key factor if a smartwatch user opens the mail
  • Target the subject line to the segment and keep the subject line short to peak their interest
  • For AppleWatch sport, understand the features like “Handoff”, designed for users to send Emails to other devices to answer them more completely, so likely, first views of an Email will be on the smart watch.

As Marketers we’ll have to think differently, the launch of the Apple Watch and similar wearable devices will mark the start of a new era of email consumption, in which emails are opened and read on your wrist or arms. It will be an interesting to follow how the wearable tech-trend will change not just how email is consumed, but also how email campaigns can be optimized to make for a big experience on even the most miniature devices.

Smart watches will remove a lot of the clutter and streamline Emails for the general public, so you’ll want your content to have the same clean format and hassle free authenticity to reach them with this new device.

Good luck making Email Campaigns that target the segement of Smartwatch users, it’s a growing population.

The future of marketing is mobile:

If you are tempted to buy one, read this first.

Our friends at Litmus have this to add.

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