10-tips for Wealth Management Landing Pages #ClientWebsite Tips

10-tips for Wealth Mangament Landing Pages

                                                              February 11th,  2015.


Hello Investment Advisors,

This post is specifically to you Investment Advisor teams and associates who admin their accounts with our software on Konversation / agent.  Your websites, your landing pages or Wealth Mangament microsites are especially important as they represent what clients are going to notice about you. I’ve been to 100s of your sites and I have some observations to make.

This post is all about that.

As you go through these, ask yourself “does our website have that?”. These are just tips of course and in no way am I trying to single out any team, in fact, I have not come across a microsite yet that had all of the following elements. So Marketing departements and IT people have to be asked to add these if your team wants them.

1. Testimonials:

In this day and age, authenticity is part customer service & part reputation and peer recommendation. That’s why this page is so key.

“TESTIMONIALS” should be one of on your Microsite Menu.

This is an example of the kind of Testimonials you’d like to see:

2. LinkedIN Firm Page

Please do consider this, as LinkedIN is truly a worthwhile place to have a Team Page to engage with your clients. I have yet to see many teams in Wealth Managment adopt this for their team, but it will become the norm in 2015.

3. Newsleter Library

Have a place on your Menu, where client or prospects can access previous Newsletters:


Ask your technical support departement, to create links on your microsite with PDFs of past Newsletters:

In this way, the content of your past Newsletters and the effort you took to make them, lives on far past the week, month or day which the Newsletter was sent.

- Learn how to convert an Outlook Newsletter into PDF format, call your technial support or branch administrator to make this happen.

This is an example of past Newsletters of a team: (Notice how important the subject lines or Titles of the Newsletters are)

4. Link your Regular Newsletters

If your Firm or Organization has regular Newsletters, as a courtesy to your own clients, link them on your Microsite:

For this organization WEEK AT A GLANCE is a summary of News and a common Newsletter sent to clients on Friday, so linking these hits 2 birds with 1 stone.

5. Our Team - LinkedIN link that works

In your OUR TEAM section, do test that your profile has a link to LinkedIN and that it is working. Think of this as a digital marketing part of the PR of your firm.

I have in my day, come across a surprisingly # of links that do not work.

6. Customize your Banner of your Landing Page/ Team Microsite

A trend I have noticed that I think promotes customer rapport with your clients, is to super-impose (the faces of) the team members on your banner itself, this promotes a warm and friendly relation. As a Wealth Mangaement or Investement Advisor team, you want to promote a personable warm client - relationship.

Looks good guys! Your marketing team did a nice job.

7. Develop a Firm Motto

Many teams have a 3-word motto that complementes their firm’s logo and characterizes VALUES that their firm stands for, this I think is a big selling point and usually to your advantage to create. Think about it, what kind of points of integrity does your team wish to uphold to earn the trust of your clients and prospective clients?

This is most appropriate if you are in a region that is new territory or a culture that appreciates a pro-active approach (e.g. in Canada this may be Toronto or Calgary). The corporate culture of your geographical region may influence your choice of whether or not to have a motto and what value defining words to use.

8. Create a Video Introduction to your Team or Firm

This again is not something I have seen in Wealth Mangament teams, though for the trailblazers this will be necessary, the reason being, you want to accomodate all your clients on Tablets, Mobile devices and wearables.

If they like your persona and message in your video, clients may feel a bit like “they already know you.”

Click on the following link to see an example of this:

Example of a Video Introduction

9. Links Section

It’s a good idea to serve your clients better with a links section, this could include links to the kind of information they request often, and to keep them as informed as possible. Another one to put on the menu:

10. Creative Banners

Going back to the banners, they are the visisual first impression of your landing page / microsite so update them ever couple of years, or when staff changes, here are some examples I have found:

Can you guess which is the generic one among these?

It is the 4th. I hope some of you have found this post helpful and thought of ways to improve your landing page. As the evolution of the web continues, what clients expect in terms of marketing presentation of our services & products has increased dramatically.

Where banner do you prefer?


Expect 40%+ of your clients are visiting your website and receiving your Newsletters on Tablet, Mobile or weaable technology, increasing steadily after 2015.

Therefore - the visual impression - the aesthetic - the community aspect, as quickly ascertained through these is key, to establishing trust and developing and maintaning a high rapport with clients and prospects.

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