Cortana Listens to my Voice Commands

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Who is Cortana?

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                                                              January 22nd, 2015.

Hello everyone,

Microsoft has unveiled that Windows 10, will be a free upgrade and will have Cortana embedded in the system. So who is Cortana? Well, after this read you may forever remember.

Windows 10 to get ‘holographic’ headset and Cortana

If you are a windows users at home like I am, this may excite you. I’ve personally been waiting a long time for voice commands for my old-school pc set-up.

Hey Cortana, is that a Start Menu?

Cortana Wiki

I’m not too clear on the difference between Cortana and Siri, but since I’m not a Mac user, Cortana interests me more.  The video in the following link is more functional than I have seen so it’s impressive:

Cortana Commands List – Microsoft Voice Commands – Video

Unlike Windows 8, that failed in large part due to a missing start menu and being too touch-centric, Windows 10 promises a great deal. However, once Windows 10 rolls around, I’m sure Cortana will be smarter and hopefully actually useful.

This next video is beside the point, but I found it mildly amusing:

The future is friendly, the idea of machine-learning upgrading these personal agents, and our ability to customize them to us, I’m quite sure is right around the corner. So next time you find yourself lonely or in the mood to be understood: consider this, in 10 years you may be turning to AI for companionship:

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