The Machine Age of Automation in Society

  Intema Solutions Inc. presents: 

The Machine Age of Automation in Society

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                                                              January 14th, 2015.

Hello everyone,

This exploration concerns futurism, though the acceleration of technology indicates the future is now. It’s a paradox, but it is also the reality we live. What do I mean by this? Read on…

Automation is going to help us continue our growth in the World’s Economy. This is because of the convergence of many things:

  • Population boom
  • Big Data
  • Machine learning
  • Interent of Things
  • Robotics and AI
  • Reverse engineering in Neurology and Cognition
  • Decoupling of Wealth from Work via automation
  • Emergence of Quantum computing

What does it mean to live in a digitial and exponential age? What will it  mean to live in a world where computers can teach themselves at the service of humanity?

“Racing With the Machine beats Racing Against Technology”

What will the economics of the information age look like? What are the trends we are seeing?

  • Software applications replace human jobs
  • Machine learning take over customer service jobs
  • Automation in manufacturing cuts jobs e.g. 3-D printing
  • Big Data analytics helps pick the right candidates for jobs
  • Housing prices continue to increase
  • Rich continue to get richer, poor get poorer
  • Education and Healthcare is being transformed

New Machine Age 

I hope you enjoyed the video, I did. Certain elements of the transhumanistic revolution are in fact, inevitable. How we each adapt to these changes is one of free-will and is part of the intricacy of how we relate to “society” and “progress” as a whole. It’s also a matter of temperament, some of us enjoy social networking and living in virtual realities, while others do not.

Will there be short term negative consequences and long-term gains? No doubt, but that is part of the nature of change and the accelerating speed of change in the future. What we experience in contemporary ways as “information overload”, the next generation may experience as a diversification of experience with and in quasi-worlds overload. “Matrix” overload. Without augmented reality and the Internet of things grid up yet, it’s a bit far fetched to some of us as of yet.

Our ability to comprehend what expontential technological change IS, won’t fully be exercised before perhaps 2025, when the pace towards the singularity events picks up dramatically enough for it to be self-evident. A true manifestation of ETC (exponential technological change), occurs when machine learning teaches itself faster than human intelligence can track and thereby pushes the limits of what is possible in so short a time-frame, that there is a significant lag in society’s ability to incorporate them, or at least, human biology’s and the collective intelligence’s limit to integrating them.

In 2015, we are only seeing glimmers, but these “glimmers” show how converence of many systems does indeed create a new society. It’s exciting and is something we should be proud of I think. As AI is set to become child-species and possibly a worthy deity-like substitute for some, not simply “servants” or tools for humanity, like the infancy of computing in general had one believe. For futurists such as myself, we live for the future and are excited even at the slightest advancement like:

Google Translate ‘turns interpreter’ with voice function

To be continued…

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