Konversation/agent February update #Konversation/agent


Konversation/agent Version 2.2

Going Live on Monday, March 16th:


  • Advanced Content Creation Tools
  • Dynamic Content (ability to easily insert & reference content into other articles)
  • Personalization fields (ability to easily insert contact list fields information into articles of content)
  • Segmentation (ability to filter, target and create sub-lists in the system itself)

Segmentation represents a huge advance in your ability to target your Newsletters to specific segments of your database of contacts, check out the videos on this blog Segmentation Videos for a sneak peak into these new features.

If you are curious about these new features, give me a call and I will give a tour of them, Toll Free # is 1-866-632-7217 ext. 3206.

Konversation/agent makes tickets for every feedback our users give, and are added to the Wishlist, so the system has been constantly improving to serve our users best.

Technical Support hours are currently 07:30 to 17:30 EST and we enjoy hearing from you.

If you know of someone who might be interested in using the system and are a member of one of our client organizations, they can click on the Get started icon below, and one of our customer service representatives will call them.


The “Advanced Tools” enable you to customize your content with dynamic and personalized content, improving the engagement of your Newsletter audience.

Segmentation enables your lists to filer based upon your custom columns (fields of your database of contacts). Easily exportable back into Excel. This allows for improved targeting, demographic monitoring and contact list management. This section alone is 10+ new pages in the updated User-guide.

Do you want to send Newsletters just to prospect, or just to clients in a certain region or maybe a promotion just millenial clients who are more likely to check their Newsletter on tablet, mobile or wearable device? Now that’s not a problem. So long as your fields have the data, you create segment conditions to filer your lists.

Adding your client’s name in the greeting or in body of your Newsletters is highly recommended to give a more personable and high-rapport communication style in your Newsletters, now this is as easy as clicking a button, provided your lists have a column (field) for first name, last name, etc…..

This blog post was created in konversation/agent and converted into HTML for wordpress.


Videos: (to be added soon)

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