Mobile Email Marketing & Beyond #Email Marketing

Email Marketing still Rules the Day

Studies have shown E-mail Marketing is on the rise! Let’s look at some infographics on this:



You do it, she does it, we all do it. Mobile and Email Marketing continue to merge with new applications that can predict, like our Predictive Marketing Engine, your needs in real-time and apps that can geographically localize your location and send you promotions in real-time. So it’s no great wonder Email Marketing is still so relevenat.


Email Campaign software services like our Konversation product, boost your ability to manage the ever-increasing importance of Email marketing in an increasingly digitized world. As online shopping continues to grow, this will be more important than ever.

As mobile users transition to using their social media increasingly on tablet, mobile phone, watch and other wearable technologies, Email is the channel that provides the instantaneous connection for companies with their customers. This merging and in-real time connection with users, the need for analytics for marketing departements and the ability of campaign services to segement, automate and increasily to predict the best promotions for each customer necessitates a more advanced Email marketing platform.

Creating smart Email Newsletter sign-ups, segmented promotions with coupons, free-trials offers, giveaways and contests are just the tip of the iceberg. With more mobile traffic than ever, it’s more important than ever, to know your audience, create surveys, polls - not just on retail products, but on what kind of messages your customers would be open to receiving, this video may help:

All of your content should be mobile device friendly, that is have responsive design integrated. This is because of the rising prevelance of mobile users. This short video summarizes the mobile revolution in 2015.

In the near future, the majority of brand advertisement will be C2C (customer to customer) interaction. So creating positive interactions for your brand on social media will be VERY important. The key here is building trust, authenticity and learning how to be creative in your marketing strategy. C2C marketing is hard for some of us in marketing to imagine, since we won’t see it in full bloom until 2020.

Let me give you an example, someone does a live-streaming video of newp product they bought from your company, maybe using the brand new tool of Twitter called Periscope that allows you to stream your experiences. Think of it as the youtube of snapchat. Anyhow, I really think this sort of thing will take off in terms of C2C shard journeys of brands and retail experiences.

So the future of advertising in some sense are “Nurturing campaigns” for customer journeys, so a new revolution in marketing automation and prediction that is tailored to the person. Products like our Predictive Marketing Engine are the nuts and bolts of the future in that sense.

Being on the leading-edge of trends can be very important for the Marketing manager, just listen to this entertaing guy. One of his main points is to think of lifetime value. He has some insight into consumer psychology and I find his enthusiasm refreshing in a world where we are being over-run with advertisment information overload (AIO).

I hope you enjoyed these stats and videos, do feel free to share them with others.

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