Why Corporate Blogs Still Matter! #BlogTips

  Software Solutions presents: 

Why Corporate Blogs Still Matter!

                                                               December 10th,  2014.

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 Why Blogs still Matter

While blogs have become less fashionable in marketing and developing a brand, they remain stable. While social media sites come and go and we should expect that trend to continue. Blogs have a certain continuity about them, which may make them worthwhile to invest in.

Blogging has Authenticity 

Blogging has a personality to it, where you can get a feel for the person, the brand, the authentic personality of the marketer behind the screen. A blogger can build long-term relationships, something that is not always the case in social networking depending on your network, product or industry.

Blogs are Cheap 

Blogs are easy to maintain and 2-3 weekly posts of content is a low time investement once the blog is set up and optimized. Blogs are interactive and can be a good landing page that are more customer and prospective client friendly platforms for human interaction.

Meanwhile budgets for social media are expected to go up in 2015, with twitter and youtube expected to make significant gains.

Mobile Optimization 

Podcasting and Videos integrated in blogs are becoming more popular. Content marketing must include mobile content to bring in more mobile website traffic. Text must be in short-form and should be easily readable across all devices: desktop, smartphone, tablet, or maybe even wearables like smart-watches.

Blogs are Humanized 

How many of us really want to visit a product website unless we are looking to buy? Blogs can portray brands in more authentic terms where the company culture can be ascertained. So if you want to humanize your brand, create a blog! As the lines between social media marketing, content marketing and SEO blur, we think blogs can again become relevant. To humanize your brand, try to make your blog a combination of:

  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Engaging
  • Making your audience curious about the subjects
  • Stimulating your own research or web browsing
  • Interactive (stimulating comments and dialogue)
  • Greater to a specific audience with broad appeal

Building a Search Engine Friendly Blog or Site 

Writing a blog and gaining trustworthiness is a long-term process, here are some things to ponder when you create a blog. Google’s algorithms are written with these things in mind:

Increasing your Blog Traffic 

Most of us will want more traffic on our blogs, and while this is a long-term process, here are some articles that discuss and give tips:

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