Be aware, CRTC is applying the law.


Anytime a new law is announced, there’s always that little doubt in the back of our mind that this new law will not be enforced properly. Well, you can now stop doubting, the CRTC has stepped up and enforced the new CASL law (applied in 2014) with a firm hand.

Don’t believe us? In the last year alone, companies such as Rogers, Porter Airlines, Compu-Finder and The Pleanty Of Fish dating site have been fined a whopping total of almost $1,5 million for compliance issues. For more details, we invite you to read this article: Fine under CRTC’S Anti-Spam Law

And this is just the beginning. As you can see, these are no small penalties.

If you want to be sure to be lawful, we suggest you take a look at the following guide provided by the FCC: can-spam_act

And check-out the CRTC’s website: Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Now, don’t wait up and adhere to the best CASL-compliant software there is

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