Could it be the best tool there is?


One tool to do it all!

Whenever you want to build something, you’re always going to look for the best tool possible. If you’re building a house, you want the best wood, the best concrete, the best nail gun, the best drill, the best screws, the best nails, the best saw, etc.

Detailing is important.

The same goes for building your customer base, social networks, and email marketing. But in order to be successful with email marketing, you need to have the right tools, and there are a lot of them available! But time is money and you don’t have time to look and test all of them. You don’t want a lot of tools you just want the one. One app to do it all; one that answers all your demands at a reasonable price. And it just so happens that we know one. Allow us to demonstrate.

What are marketers looking for in an email-marketing tool?

After several surveys, we found that marketers were looking for tools that allows:

  • Insertion of email collection forms on your website
  • Automatic email sending (scheduled in advance)
  • Segment your prospects
  • behavioural targeting emails
  • Sending transactional emails
  • Collecting campaign data
  • Email validation

In order to answer all of these demands, you need more than one tool. Email marketing automation software alone will not bring you real results. Each tool has its specialty. In addition, you will not use the same tools if you have a small blog, a wholesale e-commerce site or mobile application.

Here are the tools that would be necessary:

A newsletter sending software

It allows you to send email campaigns and in some cases to automate the sending of messages.

Automated email software

This software not only allows you to send newsletters but also to send messages automatically at different days apart. It is also possible to send different sets of messages according to conditions determined in advance. Some of these tools offer form templates to install with two clicks on your site. Others propose models of email templates that you can customize easily with drag and drop actions.

An email marketing segmentation software

These softwares are less public than others, but allow you to go further in your segmentation efforts. They are designed to send a series of email to users based on the actions they perform or not on your site. It will first need to determine conditions and then insert tracking codes on your pages. This will allow, among other things, to make email retargeting. You could for example send an automatic email to a prospect that abandoned his shopping cart.

A data collection software

Most of the above tools will allow you to get the data in relation to the performance of your campaigns. You can, depending on the tools, perform tests A/B, what is the best time to send an e-mail etc.

But there are tools to go further to collect as much data on the behaviour of your prospects. The best one is a well set up Google analytics

An email validation tool and data clean-up management

There are also email marketing solutions that let you know if an email is very useful when looking email from a decision maker on LinkedIn. Some tools also allow you to enhance your data by collecting additional information about your prospects via social networks. Finally, other tools give you the ability to clean your prospects files.

As you can see, in order to gain top performance from your email marketing, you’d need at least five different tools. That’s five programs you have to purchase and familiarize yourself with. That’s hours of training and testing on each program that, honestly, you’d rather spend sending emails and counting profits.

So what could you do to simplify the process?

The answer is below.


That’s right! eFlyerMaker has been created with all of the above in mind. Imagine, one tool to do it all.

Let’s review the program so you understand better shall we?

First, a reminder of the features that were identified as needs compared with the features of eFlyerMaker:


Also, eFlyerMaker reunites all of the necessary tools under one roof:

 So, what are you waiting for? See for yourself:

 And check out our knowledge base where every feature is explained:

Best regards,

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