The importance of a calendar event

Do you organize Seminars and Webinars that should be popular but somehow, aren’t? Do you organize events that should attract a large population but somehow, are failing? Did you promote a huge sale where almost everything was 50% off and nobody took advantage of it?

Before you blame your staff, your representative, your own performance or your product, has it ever occurred to you that people might just forget about these things?

In our digital era, where everything is automated, good memory is almost a luxury. Seriously, how many phone numbers do you know by heart? Even better, how many people have you asked for their phone number and they had to check their cell phone to answer you? With caller I.D being considered a basic feature on any cell phone package, who needs to remember a whole number?  It goes back to the old joke: What’s the 9-1-1’s phone number again?

The same thing goes with events. As we are bombarded every day with promotional material about everything, and we focus a lot on the many twists and turns that is our life, it becomes easy to go about our business and forget about other events. How many birthdays would you have forgotten if Facebook had not reminded you? How many events did you subscribed to on social network but totally forgot about when the time came to go? Valentine’s Day is on February 14th every single year and yet, guys still forget about it.

With that being said, how would you like for people to remember your events, your webinar, your special dates? Well, here comes eFlyerMaker to the rescue!

eFlyerMaker always wishes to be ahead of the curve. And what better way to do that than to add new features? One of them happens to be the insertion of a calendar event directly in your messages. So, when your subscribers click on the link, the event will be added to their calendar automatically.

That’s right, from now on, whenever you send an email campaign promoting an event or a special moment, you can insert a .ical invite in your email that people can click on and the event will automatically download and install itself on that person’s calendar.

What better way to remind your customers about the best Happy Hour in town? Even more, the sale “1-day only 50% off” will not be forgotten since your customers can now easily add it on their calendar.

Here’s how it works:

1-Click where you’d like the event to appear.

2-Click on the Insert event tool.

3-Fill all the informations required:

Text to display: The name of your link

Output File Name: Name of the file when downloaded (in .ICS format)

Event starts + Event ends: Self-explanatory, choose the date and time of your event and when it ends.

Title: The name of your event

Description: A detailed description of your event

Email: The contact email to subscribe to the event or gather informations about it.

Address: The physical address where the event will take place.

Don’t forget to click save.

4-Send the message.

When your recipient clicks on the event link, the event will automatically download and install itself in the recipient’s online calendar.

Hope you’ll enjoy our new feature and keep your eyes open for the next one. Don’t forget to visit our knowledge base website to learn all there is to learn about eFlyerMaker.

Unlike others, your free account gives you access to 100% of all features of eFlyerMaker. Don’t wait an Send an email marketing campaign today!

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