Better than ever (part 2)

Remember when we said that our last post was to be continued? We meant it. Here is part 2:

No coding. No tech. It just works!

The next two features are not exactly new. They were part of the software from the beginning. But they’re still worth mentioning since not all email marketing softwares provide such tools for all their customers, including the FREE ACCOUNTS.

Create a newsletter fast with our Responsive design templates

free_responsiveYou don’t have time to create a whole new template for your Newsletter and want to send one right away? Take a look at our free Responsive design template. Simply pick, from our selection of 12 RESPONSIVE templates, the one you prefer and simply change the text and images to your own brand of products. No coding. No tech. It just works.

Create a newsletter fast with our DRAG & DROP Template Builder


You’ve probably already heard of our template builder. It was already a much preferred feature of our software when it was released. But as time went by, we made it better. If you never heard of our Template builder, allow us to give you a few glimpse into the possibilities:

  • Preview feature for Mobile, Tablet or Desktop
  • Simple Drag & Drop action
  • 100% responsive to automatically adapt to mobile devices
  • Play with Text, Images, Buttons, Navigation, Logo and Separators assets to create a top quality Newsletter very quickly
  • Possibility to add your own Custom asset blocks
  • Again, No HTML knowledge required
  • Save your work so you don’t have to start from scratch for the next Newsletter

We hope you will enjoy these features! Stay tuned for part 3 coming up real soon.

Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to join us now!

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