Stock-Market Apps #FinancialApps

Stock-Market Mobile Apps

                                                               December 3rd,  2014.

Hello everyone, some of us like to stay in touch with the stock markets and as such there are some mobile apps to do that which are quite user-friendly. I tend to trust consumer ratings in this regard, as the sample size is often well over 15k.

So without any further adieu here is a starting list:

Stock Market Mobile Apps

  1. Stock Markets (Rated 4.4/5 by Consumers)
  2. Trade King (Rated 4.2/5 by Consumers)
  3. Bloomberg for Android (Rated 4.1/5 by Consumers)
  4. Yahoo Finance (Rated 3.9/5 by Consumers)
  5. USA Today Portfolio Tracker (Rated 3.8/5 by Consumers)
  6. Options House (Rated 3.6/5 by Consumers)
  7. Market Watch (Rated 3.5/5 by Consumers)
  8. The Street Mobile (Rated 3.3/5 by Consumers)

Let me know if any you try any of these and which you find is the best?

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