Cyber Monday, Online Shopping & Predictive Machine Learning

Online Shopping, Cyber Monday and Predictive Machine Learning

                                                               December 1st,  2014.

With Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning we are seeing the advent of a new society where online shopping is increasingly taking a hold of consumers and this trend is expected to continue. Email Marketing is part of that niche and is one of the reasons why it is so relevant.

What is Cyber Monday you may ask, well it’s been around for nearly 10 years. And it’s today, the first Monday after Black Friday.

In the U.S., Forrester Research shows that $248.7 billion online sales are expected by 2014. A compounded growth of 10% is forecast for the next five years. In Western Europe sales are expected to reach 14 billion euros ($155.7 billion), a growth of 11% percent annually. Apparel, computers and consumer electronics will continue to be dominant purchases; these three areas make up 40% of the current online sales which won’t change in the near future.

With predictive machine-learning algorithms it’s now possible to dynamically target each person as their own segement, this level of personalization means a continual temptation for consumers and a new kind of advertising that even ten years ago would have sounded mostly science-fiction. In the next 10 years we can expect this trend to continue not just online, tracking our online behavior but in daily facets of our lives.

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