New trends in Digital Marketing for 2015 #Marketingin2015

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New trends in Digital Marketing for 2015

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                                                               December 22nd,  2014.

Hello everyone, so today we are going to explore what you digital marketers are doing differently of late and try it for your company, brand, project or cause. Many of you marketing types will already have heard this before, but it’s a good time to review your company’s policies and your marketing vision.

  • Original Video Content

The power of video has never been stronger, heart-touching attention grabbing videos that have some authenticity, not just a commercial or product demo.

  • Mobile-First Marketing

Let’s be honest, if your content isn’t targetted for mobile devices, you are missing the boat. The majority of browsing are now from mobile devices and should be adjusted to reflect this. More visual content, articles that are less long.

  • Marketing in Real-Time

Marketers that respond to real news in real-time, this requires people who are plugged in and motivated to be part of the social networking communities they are using, this implies a high level of engagement with visitors and your audience.

  • Hyper-Personalization

What do we mean by this? We mean that the target is now each person, adjusted content to the individual reacting to their behavior and anticipating their needs. This goes so far as predictive analytics and must include recent advances in machine-learning. This means dynamic content and advanced segmentation.

  • Positivity

What drives shares on social media? It’s emotion, it’s something that is inspiring, positive and touching! Can you make content like that? If not, better take some notes. It’s taking more and more to hold the attention of browsers and even clients who already like your brand.

  • Visual Marketing

New sites are emerging as powerful tools in the marketer’s tool-box: YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Vine are gaining momentum and new ones are certainly poised to take the stage. Viewing content on tablets and mobile phones and wearables means flashy visual content has becoming more importan than ever!

  • Interactive Content

This means consumer-driven content and even consumer made content. Getting your clients to help you make demos is a great idea. Testimonials, crowd-funding, you name it. It can build community to share the workload with incentives and rewards. This is what the Millenial market is all about, they are likley more tech-savy than you are!

  • Content is still King

Refreshing content on a daily basis on your website and omni-channels. This will show you are dynamic and a company or brand that is dynamic and alive. Content has to be made hat builds rapport and relationship with customers online, otherwise it is missing the crucial faction of human engagement. The web can be anonymous and depersonalized, so knowing how to connect with your audience is very key.

  • Product Choices & Personalization

Can your product be customized to your client’s needs and preferences? Give this some thought, it’s not simply the advertising that has to be personalized, nor the relationship with the client, it’s the product itself. Does it give your client a sense of choice, a sense of freedom what color, what features, what services are included with different price scales?

  • Digitization

Marketers have to learn to think of the digital world as the centerpiece of their campaign, not just another aspect of it. E-mail marketing, social-media, contests, promotions, sign-up incentives, exposure, client demonstrations, testimonials, games, crowd-funding. This all takes place online. See what is working for your company or brand, and invest in that. Go digital, you won’t know the benefits if you don’t try.

  • Towards Prediction

Number crunch the behavioral data of your clients and customers in a new way. Use better Big Data analytics softeware, until you can better predict trends and how your clients behave. This requires better algorithms and software and savy marketers that know how to pair the data with marketing tactics. Try to make improvements in your automated generation of content for individuals based on patterns of prediction. Use your data better.

  • Pin Interest

Pin Interest is driving actual buys better than facebook, better than anywhere else. Get on board, visual content drives purchasing decisions. Showcase your product, get referals, get more traffic. Increase your brand awareness, position yourself as an industry expert, show positivity, confidence and cutting-edge engagement with your potential audience.

To do this you must actually engage and interact with your audience, you cannot be passive. The law of reciprocity is very powerful on the web and in blogging.

  • Big Data will explode

Let’s not kid ourselves, these keywords we’ve been hearing a lot about, well guess what, we’ll be hearing more from them. Machine learning will help us take new steps in actually using all the data we collect. This will move in a trend towards:

  1. Personalization
  2. Automatization
  3. Prediction

I hope you found some of these tips and trends helpful, what aspect aren’t you using for your brand or company? If not, why?