Top IT & Marketing Trends for 2015

Visual - Strategic Technological Trends for 2015

Top IT Trends for 2015

                                                                     November, 26th, 2014.

Hello everyone, like me maybe you are curious about what’s coming next, and what issues are most relevenat to the IT world, business & marketing. 2015 is just around the corner!

For Marketing departments here is a summary of some key points:

  • Mobile-optimization will become more important than ever
  • Social media ad spend will sharply increase as brands realize the importance of social media marketing
  • Content marketing will be (even) bigger than ever
  • Email marketing will receive a renewed focus
  • The lines between SEO, content marketing & social media will become more blurred
  • Brands will scramble to humanize
  • Marketers will find new ways of making native advertising less promotional and more relevant

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Additional Digital-Marketing Trends 2015

  • Transparency will become the most important tool of marketing
  • CMOs will become Chief Simplifier Officers
  • We will witness the emergence of the marketing technologists
  • Media agencies will step up and lead
  • Marketing will shift from globalization to personalization

 General IT Trends for 2015 Links:

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Transformative Trends of 2015

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