Marketing with Social Media #Twitter #Facebook #Google Plus


Marketing with Social Media

                                                                     November, 26th, 2014.

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about Social Media and it’s role in Marketing.


  • Website traffic 
  • Conversations
  • Brand Awareness
  • Creating a brand identity and ositive  brand association 
  • Communication and interaction with key audiences

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Twitter Tips: 

  • Don’t be afraid to ask people to “please retweet”, it increases the chance of retweeting by 160%!
  • Twitter currently boasts more than 550 million active users. Of these half a billion users, 67% of them are more likely to buy from brands they follow than from brands they do not.
  • Twitter currently boasts around 650 million users worldwide, and their updates amount to 58 million new tweets per day. Twitter users are more likely to be active on their mobile device than on their PC, so think of it as a real “on the go” network.

Facebook Tips: 

Here are some helpful Facebook engagement stats, courtesy of Mashable, for those of us on a journey to a more engaging Facebook page:

  • Emoticons increase comments by 33%
  • A post that includes a question increases comments by 100%
  • A post that includes a photo gets 39% more interaction
  • Posts that ask followers to “like” or “share” increase the interaction rate by 48%

Facebook’s Popularity: 

  • Only about 1.23 billion people! 945 million of which say that they access the world’s largest social network through their mobile devices. With 15.8% of all “internet-minutes” spent on Facebook, it’s clear that its users are on average more active than users of other social networks.

Google Plus + 

  • Google Plus has almost 550 million active monthly users. Statistics show that the userbase here is predominantly male and that profession-wise, the biggest segments are students, tech-oriented professionals and creatives like bloggers and photographers.


22 Social Media Marketing Tips

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