Writing Effective Newsletters (for Email Marketing Campaigns)

Writing Effective Newsletters

                                                                     November, 25th, 2014.

Hello Everyone,

Today we are going to examine some of the components in writing a good Newsletter. Presenting the facts with skill tailed to your audiences who can be either clients or prospective clients, takes some practice and some skill. Here are things to think about when you decide to write the first draft of your Newsletter:

“People decide within seconds whether or not to read.”

Here are some Highlights:

  •  Create Relevant Subject Lines
  • Lead with strong items that have broad appeal.
  • Use HTML with Text Backup
  • Make it Easy on the Eyes
  • Tone and Attitude (according to Brand)
  • Keep your strategic audiences in mind, always. 
  • A newletter must be sustainable. 
  • Any successful newsletter depends on plentiful and reliable sources.
  • Look for reader feedback, always.

Newsletter image

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