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Pricing FAQs

What is the difference between Contact, Subscribers and Email Send?
A Contact is an email address in your mailing list; it contains as well all behavioral information related to this email address.
A Subscriber is a contact subscribed or not to one of your publications. A Contact must be subscribed with a publication to receive emails.
An Email Send is when an email is sent to a Subscriber.
Do I pay for my Inactive Contact?
Yes, because your contact can contain more information than just the permission to send. Inactive and Active Contacts are treated equally.
But don't worry, you can filter out your Inactive Contacts and therefore pay only for your valuable customers.
Can I begin with a Free Account and upgrade later?
Yes, this is the Objective of a Free Account.
The purpose of Free Account is to help you get started with eflyermaker.
Do I have to enter my credit card to sign up?
No, You only have to provide a valid email address and the information about your organization.
What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay via credit card for monthly payment. Please contact us for Yearly Payment alternative method.
What happens if a payment fails on my account?
The account is suspended until the payment is made
What happens when my account is suspended?
Services like the Signup form, Bounce Management, Tracking links and unsubscribe process remain active. You have to make a payment to gain access back to eFlyerMaker user interface.
Is there a discount for Yearly Service?
Yes, in the payment section, you can have up to two months free when you subscribe one year and more.
Can I use my own domain name?
Yes, under setup fee, you can assign your own domain as the sender name.
How do I cancel Service?
Canceling eFlyerMaker is an easy process. It's done online right in your account section.
What happens to my data if I suspend my payment?
Your data remains in eFlyerMaker for a period of 1 year then the account is destroyed. You can reactivate your account anytime by paying a full month.
Have More Questions?
Please feel free to contact us. Visite our Knowledge Base
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