Email Design & Campaign Management

Responsive Templates

Ready to use responsive templates. Well tested and flawless display on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Drag'n'drop Designer

Create gorgeous email templates in a few clicks and without any technical or HTML knowledge.

Preview Feature

You can preview your template at any moment in 3 modes: tablet, mobile and desktop.

Advanced Template Builder

Allows you to insert your visual assets in the drag and drop editor. You can also save and reuse the templates you create.

Export Your Templates

Export and edit your templates using any HTML editor.

Automated HTML Validator

eFlyerMaker will immediately detect and flag any HTML error in your template.

iCal Events Setup

Simplify your client's life by offering the option of setting an event on their calendar using iCal.

Unlimited Testing Process

Test your campaigns and mailing lists as much as needed. Furthermore, tests emails are clearly marked to avoid errors.

Scheduled Campaigns

Prepare your campaigns in advance and set up the pre-scheduling feature to make sure your message is delivered at the right time.

Social Sharing Icons

Use eflyermaker's social icons or import your own and offer your clients more options to interact with your brand.

Unsubscribe Link

All your campaigns will feature an unsubscribe link that allows your recipients to unsubscribe in a single click.

Full Personalization

Use any field contained in your database to personalize your message.

Multi-language Ready

eFlyerMaker uses UTF8 for all messages allowing you to send messages in any language. In addition, emojis can be used anywhere.

Pre-launch Approval

eFlyerMaker offers an approval functionality which allows appointed people on your account to read edit and approve your campaigns before launch.

Reporting & Analytics

Heat Map View

Visualize each campaign's heat map and optimize your copy, layout and call to action for better performance and more revenues.

Realtime Engagement Stats

Take a look at the most significant stats in realtime. View KPIs such as open, click, reply and unsubscribes in the blink of an eye.

Automated Link Tracking

Each link included in your campaigns is automatically tracked and measured.

Export Stats & Reports

All your campaigns' statistics are exportable and ready to use in Excel or other stats tools like Tableau.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration gives you a broad report including your web traffic, conversions and goals achieved.

eflyermaker's Interface

English and french versions

The eFlyerMaker software is available in both english and french.

Free Support

Have a question? Our support agents are here to answer your questions and get you going.

Multi-accounts and users

You have several brands? You can setup multiple sub-accounts and have different classes of users and admins.

Free Training

New to email marketing or simply want to master every feature eFlyerMaker has to offer? Contact us to receive a free training session.

Knowledge Base

Take advantage of our huge knowledge base and email marketing documents library.

Deliverability & Compliance

CASL Compliant

Using eFlyerMaker allows you to comply with the Canadian Anti‑Spam Law as well as retaining a complete record of your subscribers' consent confirmations.

Can-Spam Compliant

eFlyerMaker is 100% Can‑Spam compliant.

Consent DB Management

Manage your DB consent list and export it if need be. In addition, eFlyerMaker prevents you from communicating with subscribers who removed their consent.

Improve Your Reputation

You'll never have to worry about bounce management again. eFlyerMaker does it automatically and it allows you to preserve and improve your reputation.

Dedicated IP Address

You're a high volume sender and would like to have one or several dedicated IP addresses? We can make it happen!
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