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Campaign Management

Full Personalization

Increase your open and click-through rates by personalizing your campaigns. Use a field in your list or select one from our menu.

Marketing Automation

Sit back and relax. Plan out your year by creating email campaigns that are sent out automatically depending on different actions that your subscribers take.

Pre-launch Approval

eFlyerMaker offers an approval functionality which allows appointed people on your account to read edit and approve your campaigns before launch.


eFlyerMaker uses UTF8 for all messages allowing you to send messages in any language. In addition, emojis can be used anywhere.

Reports & Analytics

Heat Map View

Visualize each campaign's heat map and optimize your copy, layout and call to action for better performance.

Realtime Stats

View your campaigns’ performance with real time stats. Gain valuable intelligence that allows you to constantly improve your email campaigns. All your statistics are exportable and ready for use.

Automated Link Tracking

Each link included in your campaigns is automatically tracked and measured.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration gives you a broad report including your web traffic, conversions and goals achieved.

Interface Options

English & French Versions

The eFlyerMaker software is available in both english and french.

Multi-Users & Accounts

You have several brands? You can setup multiple sub-accounts and have different classes of users and admins.

Compliance & Deliverability

CASL & Can-Spam Compliant

Using eFlyerMaker allows you to comply with the Canadian Anti‑Spam Law as well as retaining a complete record of your subscribers' consent confirmations.

Consent Management

Manage your DB consent list and export it if need be. In addition, eFlyerMaker prevents you from communicating with subscribers who removed their consent.

Unsubscribe Link

If you forget to add an unsubscribe link in your email, our system will add one in automatically for you in order for your campaigns to remain compliant.

Dedicated IP Addresses

You're a high volume sender and would like to have one or several dedicated IP addresses? We can make it happen!

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