Data-driven Predictive Email Marketing

MATCHERAnalyticsTM is our machine-learning personalization technology. It's available with our monthly plans and allows you to deliver the right content to each client.
Data-driven Personalization
See how it works:

1. Understand your clients' behaviour

Matcher's behavioural tags are easy-to-implement. They allow you to track your clients' behaviour and to anticipate their next purchases.
Understand your clients' behaviour

2. Automate clients' profiles

Each digital interaction with your clients is tracked in realtime. It shows you the kind of products or content that your clients find interesting at this moment. Furthermore, it adjusts your clients' profiles instantly.
Automate clients' profiles

3. Deliver personalized emails

With MATCHERAnalyticsTM 1 on 1 personalization, you engage each client with personalized content. As a result, you will experience higher email conversions and increase your clients’ loyalty.
Deliver personalized and predictive email marketing
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