November Update


After an initial launch in late July, Konversation-Agent has been upgraded with multiple new versions adding features that users had requested such as:

  • CET: Contact Engagement Tracking, the ability to track what readers of the E-mail Campaigns are doing in real time, whether it’s opening the E-mail, clicking on a PDF link (reading), whether the E-mail address temporary bounces (E-mail Inbox is full) or any other action.
  • The ability to customize the Sidebar to add all team members pictures and contact information so all E-mail Campaigns have fully customized brands and firm identities.
  • An upgrade of the Administrator’s Tool box so new users can be created instantly and their Compliance Officers can be added on the fly.
  • The embeded User-guide has been updated and is now a PDF of 50 pages.
  • Technical Support hours now runs to 6pm Eastern time.
  • Orientation are provided to new users using Webinar (screen-sharing) formats when necessary.
  • Contact Lists and Campaign Blast Reports are now exportable

ACHIEVEMENTS & Milestones:

  • We successfully registered our 100th user recently

  • We send out E-mail Campaigns (Newsletters) to over 7,000 E-mails a week.

 Product Description & Overview

4 thoughts on “November Update

  1. Hey — It sounds like you are doing some really cool stuff for brokers! We are a new service, designed to help small businesses (and brokers) get new customers through referral marketing techniques. I’d love to test out your software. Do you have a demo?



    • Hey Ellen, thanks for your comment and your request. We are working on a demo, though what you could do is click on the Get started tab here and sign-up, and then customer service might give you a month free to try the software. Otherwise, is there an E-mail that easy to reach you at?



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