|free email marketing software|free email marketing software|email campaign software|email marketing solution Learn about the basic legal requirements for permission based email marketing tool in North America and
Europe. For best results, always follow email marketing best practices and check the national legislation in
each country before engaging in bulk email marketing activities. eFlyerMaker is a proponent of explicit prior
permission (opt-in) and strongly recommends double opt-in, even if this is not required by legislation.

Yes, permission based email marketing tool may be sent only to recipients who have given their prior consent
(opt-in). All recipients' express, or in certain cases implied, prior permission is required.
Existing Business Relationship:
When there is an existing business or non-business relationship, a recipient's implied consent applies for 36
months, beginning July 1, 2014.
Certain exceptions apply to specifc types of messages sent by a political party, charity, family members,
people in personal relationships, persons within an organization or between organizations.

No, the CAN-SPAM Act allows permission based email marketing tool to be sent to anyone, without permission,
until the recipient explicitly requests that they cease (opt-out).

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