eFlyerMaker Pricing Plans

eFlyerMaker offers the right plan for every business. Select an option or contact us to find the perfect plan for you:
Free Starter

Need a Free Plan to Start?

eFlyerMaker is incredibly powerful and easy-to-use.
Signup for free and enjoy the most generous free plan on the market.
one list of up to 2500 subscribers send up to 15000 emails Absolutely free of charge

Some Free Features


Free Phone Support

eFlyerMaker support specialists are always available to give you support et get your campaigns going.

Drag'n'drop Designer

Design beautiful email templates within seconds with our incredibly easy-to-use drag'n'drop tool.
eFlyerMaker responsive design

Responsive all the way

eFlyerMaker offers your clients the ultimate multi-screen experience with fully responsive platforms.
eFlyerMaker Quick Signup Forms

Quick Signup Forms

Grow your list and your revenues by activating a signup form on your website in no more than 5 clicks.

Monthly Plans Are Ideal For Frequent Senders

Subscribers Monthly Emails Monthly Costs
Up to 5,000  Up to 20,000   $19.98
Up to 10,000 Up to 40,000 $39.98
Up to 15,000 Unlimited $78.98
Up to 25,000 Unlimited $149.98
Up to 50,000 Unlimited $279.98
Up to 100,000 Unlimited $579.98
Up to 200,000 Unlimited $949.98
Up to 325,000 Unlimited $1,579.98
More than 325,000 Unlimited Contact us

Pay as you go!

You only pay when you send out emails!
10,000 emails$ 150
50,000 emails$ 500
75,000 emails$ 750
100,000 emails$ 1,000
150,000 emails$ 1,275
200,000 emails$ 1,700
500,000 emails$ 2,500
1,000,000 emails$ 3,000
2,000,000 emails$ 4,000
5,000,000 emails$ 5,000
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