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10 most powerful features to help create

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Three Email Designer Tools

From Designer to Wysiwyg to HTML Pro eFlyerMaker offers 3 email editors


Design your own beautiful email templates within seconds with our incredibly easy-to-use drag'n'drop.



eFlyerMaker Canvas

With eFlyerMaker Canvas you will be more productive and more intuitive than ever.
Our customers have expressed the need to create content in both written and in visual without having to exit eFlyerMaker.
View eFlyerMaker Canvas newsletter maker in action

  • Linear and radial gradients
  • Image drop shadow, slant, distortion and more.
  • Huge selection from 130 most popular Google fonts.
  • 8 Border styles and border radius
  • Responsive alignment
  • 15 Responsive templates ready to use to explore all Canvas design creativity
  • Variable Grid line size
  • Image Cropping
  • Transparency styles
  • 7 image filters
  • Object transformation
  • Multi-layer composition

Build and Save your own Drag & Drop Design custom blocks

You don't have to start over from scratch after each email campaign.
Just drag your previous design element such as your last campaign's lovely redesigned NavBar into your new message.
All Draggables are displayed perfectly on any mobile devices

Save your Block as a new draggable design element
Save your entire Email Design as a reusable template
You can also simply duplicate any previous message and work on it.
Code, Import or Export your own Drag&Drop Design elements

Integrate Videos with Class

Drag a video box element, insert your video URL and enjoy adjusting the fully customizable "Play" button to make sure it fits with your email design.

video-plus video-youtube video-facebook video-vimeo video-dailymotion

Drag and Drop library provides 6 different blocks to
add video in your email design

RSS Feeds

Create Awesome Email Newsletters by integrating your blog or news feeds in eFlyerMaker by simply creating a new dynamics content. It will appear as a custom element and you'll just have to drag it into your new message.

Don't worry! eFlyerMaker will automatically fetch the most recent News at
the moment of your mailout. No coding skills necessary!

See how at our Knowledge base


Quick Preview and Email Prototyping

Get started with a large variety of Ready to Use Beautiful Mobile Friendly Templates


Share templates with Teammates

Be the Master Designer and share your best Email Design with your team.
Share your own Drag and Drop library
More than 75 different Roles and Privileges.

eFlyerMaker has so many more features
to increase your productivity

  • Save and Reuse your Colour Palette
  • Change all fonts in one click
  • Use the Color Picker
  • Comes with 10 ready to drag text blocks compliant
    to Can-Spam, CASL and GDPR.
  • and many more

"Color Swatches" and
"Color picker" Floating palette

Change the overall look in one click

Live Preview Before &
After colour mixer

Use the Theme palette and choose one
of 20 colour sets

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